Take a look at our FAQs when you have any questions or concerns. If you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or Facebook.

Q: I'm Taking the KCGC Bronze Test. What Are the Identification Disc Requirements?

A: The correct information required to be displayed is the name and address of the owner. The telephone or microchip number(s) is optional, but advisable.

Q: Does the Dog Need to Have a Metal Fob Disc?

A: Identification can be inscribed on the disc, collar, tag, plate, or barrel.

Q: Should I Feed My Dog Before Coming to Training?

A: No, preferably train your dog on an empty stomach.

Q: Why Do the Meeting Days Change?

A: The hall is shared, so the ‘regular’ change is that the 2nd Tuesday in the month is booked for the W.I., so we change to the Monday. So, 2nd Tuesday in the month is a Monday.

Another activity that can affect the day is a production by the Kings Langley Players and is generally only at Christmas, however other times of the year can be affected.

The hall is very popular and we do our best to minimise disruption.

Q: How Do I Avoid the Embarrassment of My Dog Toileting in the Hall?

A: Do not worry, we have seen it all before. Firstly, arrive early to relieve your dog outside on the grassed areas around the hall. We have poo bags and there is a dog bin next to the car park. If your dog should soil in the hall, stand still and do not drag your dog outside. A trainer or assistant will hold your dog while you clear up - we have a mop and bucket close by.

Q: What Age Do You Take Puppies from?

A: We take puppies following completion of their second vaccination.

Contact our team of dog trainers in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, for helpful advice and support.