Offering Various Levels of Dog and Puppy Training Classes in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire

Cover essential training including general obedience and social skills with the help of our dedicated team. Based in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, our classes target puppies that have had their vaccinations as well as more experienced dogs. Both dog training and puppy training classes are carried out on-site, in groups, and at the end of the classes, you and your dog can progress to an obedience league if you wish. Either way, there are numerous friendly trainers available to offer you useful advice and support.

Multiple Levels of Training

Our trainers strive to help you to transform your disobedient dog into a sociable companion with impeccable manners. From beginner to competitive obedience, we provide training on different levels that is based on how well your dog responds to initial training.


You and your dog can also take part in the Good Dog Citizen Scheme from The Kennel Club. With the chance to win bronze, silver, and gold awards, these are provided at the end of additional courses for excellent handling abilities and techniques.

Class Preparation

Your dog will start with a beginner’s class and move to more advanced levels after we have witnessed how they respond to general training. Preparation for classes is as follows:

  • Do not feed your dog within an hour prior to classes
  • Make sure to exercise for toilet purposes beforehand
  • Make sure your dog is secure on the lead when entering and leaving premises

Please be aware that your dog shouldn't be fed within the hour after training.

Class Times

We run 5 classes per evening: 

7.30pm Beginners (socialisation, heel on lead, sit, down, recalls, name recognition etc.)

8.00pm Improvers (above exercises, stays and introduce retrieves)

8.30pm Graduate from previous class and include exercises in Bronze Level

9.00pm Graduate from previous class and work towards heel free and Silver Level

9.30pm Competitive Obedience (inc. scent work, A recalls, formal retrieves, distance control, tricks etc.)

Fun Learning Together

We teach you to train your best friend to walk nicely on the lead, come to you when called, sits, downs and fun tricks too. If you want to go further, we have more advanced exercises.

Training Methods

Our learning approach is fun using toys, treats and praise. Even when the treats aren’t there, your dog still wants to please you.
The benefit of seeing a bond develop between you and your dog. A dog which won’t be a nuisance or shut away, but a dog to be proud of that you can take anywhere.

Contact us in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, to discover more about our dog training and puppy training classes.